One Shot, Two Ways… The Weekly PC!

One shot… two ways. Only when reading and looking at this week’s challenge, as set by Cheri, did I realise (again) that I’m always at it. Turning the camera this way and that.

03 Aug 13, 17h10 - Landscape... Junior Son leads the way toward the 15th Lock on the Royal Canal, Ireland... Landscape, portrait… any way for the best effect. I often wish we could load photos the way we take them.

17h10. - Portrait to maximis the effect of the surroundings... JS still leading the way. My camera is known to try 45 degree angles as well but unfortunately we can’t display the pics that way. None-the-less, what shall we call our skew photos… port-scape? Land-trait? Who knows…

03 Aug 17h16 -Portrait again, the boat adds texture to the environment... Lock 15, Royal Canal, Co Kildare. IrelandAnyway, I thought I’d give you a few examples… all taken without this post in mind but all illustrating that it pays to swing the camera. There was nothing planned about the sequence. Junior Son and I were out walking… the weather was about do its thing and then a boat joined in.

17h17 - Landscape allows for more detail this time... all those people?  Where do they all fit? ;-)The photos are taken during a 9 minute period, as I mentioned… spontaneous, yet, to get the best effect I’d rotate without even a second though…

Still 17h17 - Portrait, looking back from the lock gate in the direction we'd come from, big sky made to look bigger by the portrait shot, well, that's what I think! … that’s how accustomed I’ve become to be looking out for the best angle… the best capture… the best backdrop… against the most likely skies or just for my own pleasure… to take the photo as I see it!

17h19 - That sky!! Fun of the swinging camera... Lock 15 Royal Canal, Ireland.The last two were just added for effect… both portrait… trying to capture the impending storm I spoke of earlier in the week. I think you’ll agree… to have the privilege of manipulating a camera is one of life’s true joys!

PS – Do hover the mouse over the photos… hopefully the captions will pop up…

PSS – Have a great weekend… may the sun shine for you, wherever you may be!

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5 Responses to One Shot, Two Ways… The Weekly PC!

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  2. says:

    These are just great! may the sunshine for you as well !


  3. livvy30 says:

    The sky has been like that here too but luckily no rain!


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