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It’s an interesting one this week. Read the post and see how Sheri leads us to a carefree lake scene. Yes, those holiday memories seem so distant yet usually remind us of a few days of carefree splendour. Often we are almost forced to act in a carefree manner so we can enjoy the break.

Can we truly let our souls run wild for a few brief days without allowing in reminders of the lives to which we have to return? Is it possible to become like children again? To watch the little ones at play is the reminder that we once had the same simple pleasures in life. Maybe if we could just let the worries roll away, even for a day or two we can again touch the carefree true inner peace… even if it were just momentarily.

I wasn’t too sure of the direction in which this post wanted to take me. I had most of yesterday to mull over the best photos to use. I had one particular photo in mind but because I’d taken it through the less than clean window the quality wasn’t quite what it should be. None-the-less, I think the image oozes carefree.

The carefree of childhood!! Unbeaten for effect!! GSK & GSA demonstrate the concept... in a puddle! You know how these things go. I arrived home well after eight pm… from a day out at Senior Son’s cricket game. A blustery, windswept game played in a very exposed location. The sun shone brightly at times… the wind drove the rain down with gusto at others. On arriving home I mentioned something about still having to do this carefree post when Junior Son quipped…

“That’s easy dad… us on the beach, down in the Algarve… that’s carefree, is it not?”     

Indeed… it’s a super reminder of a really carefree two weeks when our youngest lads weren’t much older that the two grandsons seen in the top pic. OK, I exaggerate a tad… not on the carefree angle… only the age angle…

Those carefree holidays in the Algrave...  this  time the concept is demonstrated by the sons and a friend. The sons with a friend in the distance… what carefree, fun-filled days!

PS – As for doing a carefree blog post… not on your life!! This must have been the most frustrating attempt at getting something published! I must have tried about 15 times to get the top photo loaded. I eventually gave up last night only to try again this morning! Life? Carefree?

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13 Responses to Carefree! – WPhotoC…

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  2. Nice carefree photos. 🙂 Nothing like summer fun!


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  5. Ese' s Voice says:

    Both of your photos are beautiful – a great take on the theme. Children do have this…natural ability, gift…to enjoy things truly, smile, be open to everything new…yes, carefree.
    PS: A new photo challenge – you are welcome to participate!


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  7. munchow says:

    I like you take on the challenge – and I like the picture. This is how kids should have it, carefree and fun with intense concentration on whatever they come across.


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  10. Great capture for carefree….Kids are definitely so happy and carefree while at play.


  11. Such beautiful photographs and wonderful interpretation of the theme. God bless you. Michele


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