PLAY! Ailsa’s WTT

I’ve had a bit of a playful theme running through the last week’s posts… look a week back and you’ll see the Wibbly Wobbly Wonder with his digger in the puddle… sorry, not digger… dozer. I’ve played with Wednesday’s words and only yesterday I was on about playing in the bubble bath with our rubber ducks. All this playing makes me wonder… is Ailsa a mind-reader? No, surely not. That means I may well be clairvoyant… yep, I must be.

No… I’m not. Those of you who know me are well aware that fun is high on my agenda. Life is rather tough at times so when we go about our daily lives in a grumpy sort of way we only add to the pain and stress. On the other hand… a fun attitude lightens the mood and eases the burden a tad, don’t you think?

Play. That’s me… I’m a party animal who must be kept on a short leash most of the time. Ask the GLW… she’ll confirm, it can be a rather tedious chore… pulling at my restraints! What’s the old story… it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it. When it comes to excuses it’s easy to concoct something. Who of you ‘celebrate’ your half-year birthdays? Yes… you’re not seeing things. For years, I’ve reminded all around that it’s my half-year birthday… if it falls on a weekend it may result in a few bits of meat landing on the coals.

OK… enough about me. I’m a mature fella now so I must play less and concentrate on watching others play. Watching ONG… the GLW’s other nickname, playing with the grand kids. Or, watching the lads beating the opposition in a cricket game or two. Yep… that’s all part of the playing fun… just like photography. I’m always looking out for something playful… the fun angle… those small moments when folk let go… when they let their feelings explode into joyful playing fun.

After all my waffle I couldn’t think of a photo that would best capture the theme. I’m a little too keen on life to want to play on a motorway as Ailsa show’s in her post. OK… it was a colossal grid lock… as we can only imagine they have in the bad old US of A, but still… I only tend to ask people to go play in the traffic if I’m trying to be pc in my request for them to go away… rapidly! So… because of my indecision I’ll be a little more playful and stick in a gallery. Look at it this way… how much other fun would I have been allowed to indulge in on a Friday evening?

Got a bit carried away again… but what the heck, it was my turn to play a tad. Enjoy your weekend… play safely, whatever you do.

PS – Do click on any of the photos to enlarge and read the captions… PLAY on!!

PSS – The gallery loads randomly… so, to add to your toys all you need to do is refresh…

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11 Responses to PLAY! Ailsa’s WTT

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  2. the very first shot is beautiful, Sir.


  3. The Rider says:

    ‘n Lekker pos! Heel spelerig!


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