Focus… on FUN! WPhotoC.

This week Cheri really gets us going… FOCUS!! Yep… there has to be as many options available as there are bloggers partaking. However, Cheri challenges us to go out and capture something fresh. I’ve accepted the last option… namely,

Take multiple photos of the same scene or subject using different aperture settings and publishing the results.

The photos were easy to take… the idea easier to come up with. Yep, sometimes things almost work out as if they were meant to be. How? Yesterday Senior Son played cricket in the Phoenix Park. One of the key features of the park is the Wellington Testimonial… the tallest obelisk in Europe. How can that not be the perfect object to drag in and out of focus?

Focus on the path... Wellington Testimonial, Dublin, Ireland in the distance...

Before I get to the fun element I’ll first throw in a focused look at the structure…

24 079

Not really… it’s just the tip of the structure but I do enjoy the effect of coming up the hill to be greeted by the ever-growing tower. The fun really started at the cricket club when one of the young ladies decided it was time for balancing beam practice… directly in line with the tall pole in the background. I had to change lenses a few times for effect. Why not? Is that not what focus is all about?

The top 2 photos were taken with the 300 mm… so, it’s not that easy to get a whole shot in focus but I think the effect works… then… to really get into the messing, focus on fun, I changed to the short lens so I could get the two ladies and the obelisk as sharply focused as possible…

Fun on the rail... all part of finding the focus!

The messing continued… I used the 300mm again to get close-ups of the lasses. I’m sure you’ll agree… the sheet joy at this fun is plain to see…

Focus on FUN!! The fun of the focus... AOC & NSH do the Wellington high act!

I’m not sure what’s actually in the best focus, none-the-less… I’m no pro and as I’ve named the post focus on fun I think that’s the important bit! Thanks NSH and AOC for doing the hard work… and for the pole for doing what it does best… being a true upright citizen of Dublin…

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5 Responses to Focus… on FUN! WPhotoC.

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  2. I enjoyed the playful shots with the girls!


  3. Lovely photos for this challenge.


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