Focus on… White Line Fever!

Focus… this week’s weekly photo challenge, left me with quite a selection of photos so I’ll show you two more. If you return to Sunday’s post you’ll see the young ladies doing their best to stay on top of the white boundary bar… however… I tried to get a few shots of one of the lasses doing the high wire trick along the rail.

Focus on the girls I said!

I really had fun getting the photos… I’m not sure NSH was too charmed at having to get back up at my behest. Mind you… I think the rivalry among some of the cricketers and the girls spurred her on to walk the whole distance. However you look at it… I got my pics and they got their fun! OK… I got mine too…

Better... much better!! Thanks NSH!

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5 Responses to Focus on… White Line Fever!

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  3. Diane C says:

    Love the change in focus. The first one looks so mysterious!


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  5. babsje says:

    Great capture! It seemed so real and immediate that I felt myself starting to teeter here while looking at your photos.


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