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I’ve mentioned somewhere, not too long ago, that my camera is often at an angle. I love taking photos differently… seeing something in an unconventional way adds to the fun, the creativity and the purpose of owning a camera. OK, my opinion but I’ll stick with it. That means this week’s challenge in right up my dirt track. Cheri asks us to show a scene or object in an unusual way. An unusual point of view. 

OK… I won’t waffle much longer… I’ll just throw in a couple of photos taken specifically because I was trying to capture the essence of the photo in an unusual way. My PoV… and I’m sticking with it! Let me begin with the lad taking a pic of the Pac-Man munching the floor lights along the Quays in Dublin. Do feel free to rotate the photo… it doesn’t work any other way… my HPoV… but I’m stick… haven’t I said that before?

My PoV - the lad capturing the PacMan along the Quays... Samuel Beckett Bridge in the background...

OK… let’s look at the Grand Canal Dock from on high. If the photo was taken straight up/ down it wouldn’t look half as interesting, don’t you think?

The GCD from on high...

Staying with thing wet… how’s this pic of the ferry entering Dublin, as seen through the old derrick at the end of the Poolbeg Breakwater…

Dublin Docks... the ferry trough the derrick on the Poolbeg Breakwater... my PoV?

Back to the streets of Dublin. How about showing you a bit of French chic again? It was such a charming meeting… the rather elegant, reluctant model sure livened up my stroll to the station on that day!

French chic on the Dublin streets, why not?

Sexy or what? Sorry… only my PoV. Right, enough of that. Back to the stark angularity of modern buildings. Stand close enough and you’ll get a totally different point of view. See the angles, see the reflections… see whatever your mind wants to allow you to see…

My PoV... get down... look up at the sky... angles... reflections...

Then, on occasion, one can soften the effect of the industrial landscape by adjusting the PoV… why not? There’s beauty wherever one looks…

Train and rainbow... does that equal trainbow?

Train and rainbow… does this equal trainbow? Who knows… who cares about this PoV? Is it that different?

On the odd occasion one doesn’t need to create an angle. All one needs to do is look at the photo from another photographer’s point of view, something I’m fond of doing. This lad was only too happy with me taking pics of him appreciating the stunning sunset last October.

Take that happy snap big boy... take that happy snap!! Dublin Quays October sunset...

I’m sure you’re getting a tad fed up now of seeing my point of view on life in the not-so-fast lane… I’ll soon leave you be. Not without another shot of my latest models. I’d better not use their photos too often, soon they’ll be famous and I’ll have to pay exorbitant fees for getting them to see things from my point of view…

My PoV... sometimes life is better askew...

Thanks again, all who volunteered for photos… even if it was with sheer reluctance. Do please return tomorrow. I’ve written something that just seemed to happen into my head while I was preparing this weekend’s posts… late at night, The Floyd’s Wish You Were Here stirring the ideas…

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14 Responses to An Unusual PoV – WPhotoC

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  4. joanfrankham says:

    I love themall, especially the diffferent angles in the first few.


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  6. Diane C says:

    I really like the picture of the guy taking a picture of the sunset. Are these taken recently? It looks cold in that picture!


    • aj vosse says:

      One or two are recent… that one was a stunning early October 2012 sunset… I’ve used quite a few pics and if I can remember correctly did a gallery or tow at the time…


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  8. says:

    Love them all especially sunset IN sunset ! Nice work!


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  10. adinparadise says:

    Very interesting and unusual photos, Love the rainbow/train one.:)


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks… I enjoyed doing the post… allowed me back into my own mind to see my PoV while I was taking the pics… fun! 😉 I do love trains… and rainbows, so… trainbows are good! 😀


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