Multicoloured – Ailsa’s WTT

This week Ailsa begins her challenge with a photos featuring rainbows. As a son of the Rainbow Nation I’m well versed with the concept of showing diversity by the spectrum. Multi-coloured means so much to so many folk that it will be rather unfair of me to choose any one line of pursuit for this post. Diversity… that will be the way but, why not play copy cat and begin with a rainbow as well?

a pair? Why not? Multi's!

Last year’s Tall Ships festival here in Dublin really provided multicoloured. All sorts of fun was had by so many folk. At times it was difficult to work out where to point the camera…

Happy colour... multi happy!

Ships and throngs were one thing… there were the folk adding additional colour. Some of these folk were rather coloured in themselves… or, should that be rather multicoloured themselves?

multi colours?

OK… a bit more. It won’t kill, will it? Street art at it’s best… where it belongs, organised… artful and thoroughly well executed!

Colourful walls... the right way!!

We got the show going with a look at Mother Nature’s show, so why don’t we sign off with another take on the colours created when clouds and sunlight interact. This takes multi a tad further. Dull Irish clouds in vibrant glowing mode! Have fun, enjoy your weekend!

September glow...

PS – I hope you survived Friday the 13th!?!

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2 Responses to Multicoloured – Ailsa’s WTT

  1. Beautiful interpretation of the theme. Thank you for your gorgeous images and for taking me on a journey. I’m a big fan of everything you do! Peace and blessings, michele


  2. says:

    Very colorful ! The rainbow is my favorite ! (It’s still Friday here, so far so good)


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