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Michelle’s photo features a bird… not in the bush… in the rebar. Industrial. Good… inviting. Look-see the challenge says… find something as interesting. I have a few ideas… a few ways of taking up the challenge but as Michelle has birds I’ll also get going with a bird or two… not in the bush… in the nest.

As all parents do...

Then I’ll invite you inside another home… that of Mr and Mrs Spider…

inside... funnel web spider...

Or… could you guess who’s taking driving lessons? Reverse gear gets you out of a tight spot… oh yea… it does!

06 021

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23 Responses to Inside – WPhotoC

  1. seeker says:

    You take excellent pictures. It sure makes a big difference to appreciate what you see in your part of the world. Ireland is it? What part of Ireland. Thanks for the ping.


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks… mostly the greater Dublin area… hopefully we’ll soon be in position to travel a bit more. Then I’ll show more of Ireland…


  2. aj vosse says:

    Thanks you… I enjoyed doing the post!! Wish I had a few more Mother Nature inside jobs! 😉


  3. Madelaine says:

    Wow……great choices!


  4. Great captures of what’s inside!


  5. Mariane says:

    I think I’ll say thanks but no thanks to get inside – at least in the middle house.. thihi.. man!! my hair raised quickly… but great shots you have .. thanks for sharing and thank you for the Ping 🙂


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  7. Great photos for inside! Love the capture of the creepy little critters inside their snug home!


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  12. Love the photo of the spider. I’ve just found something similar in my garden!


    • aj vosse says:

      Hello Piglet… long time no talk!!
      I hope the one in your garden is alive and well!! 😉


      • Yeah, his mate yust gave me several bites up my arm while carry some flowers… didn’t you hear me scream!

        Sorry long time no talk. Not blogged much myself. Been tied up in a writing forum ( Missed all me old blogging buddies though


  13. bmyshot says:

    This is amazing! A great interpretation of the theme!


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