Mopey Monday

Yep… that’s how I feel today. It’s Monday, the beginning of another work week. Why mopey? A few reasons really. This weekend gone by was the last of the Irish Cricket season. The weekend passed without any games being the center of our attraction. Senior son’s game was called of on Sunday because of the foul weather anticipated.

The end of the cricket season means only one thing… the beginning of winter isn’t too far off. Another long, cold… wet, damp… dark period descending. Ah well, at least we can say we had the best summer since arriving in Ireland in 2001. Gosh, that seems soooo long ago!

Another reason for being mopey? OMBH didn’t make the Irish Blog Awards Short List. Alas, the bright orange badge to the right will have to go in a day or so’s time. I can’t bring myself to remove it just yet. I  must say… I’m a tad disappointed because I thought the blog stood up well against some of the competitors in the ‘Personal Blog’ category. But then, it was the largest entry list of all the categories so, maybe OMBH made it to the not-so-short list?

Bees and butterfly... sharing the nectar!

OK… it wasn’t all doom and gloom this past weekend. Saturday was largely bright and sunny. The best day of the week. The warmth brought the butterflies out of hiding. I noticed a few different behaviours. Looks to me the Small Tortoiseshells lost their fear of bees. Usually they will fly off if a bee lands on the flower they’re feeding from. Maybe they sense the coming cold and are prepared to share with their rivals. Maybe they’ve just learned tolerance…

2 Speckled Woods share a fig leaf!

Then, I also learned that Speckled Woods like fig juice. Yep, I’ve known about the fig tree for a while. So have the Speckled Woods. No other butterfly came near the rotting fruit yet, here they were… positively infesting the tree. I counted 8 at one point. What makes it more interesting is that these butterflies are apparently fiercely territorial and will chase off other insects, including their own kind. Seems this lot have learned tolerance as well!

Seems the butterflies change their behavior to suit the circumstances, much like we humans tend to do. Now, if the butterflies can adapt and learn to live with each other then why can’t we??

 Butterfly and bee... togetherness!

I enjoyed my few hours out in the sunlight so much that I can’t only leave you with 3 photos. I’ll rather do a wee gallery as an appetizer of the good things to come this week.

PS – Just in case you were wondering, the fig are absolutely fantastic…

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5 Responses to Mopey Monday

  1. joanfrankham says:

    your butterflies are great, and I love figs, I didn’t know you could grow them over here?


  2. jbwye says:

    Ahhh – AJ, commiserations over the blog, but you still have your fans. This one in particular. It was great to see your post greeting me as I opened up my computer this morning.
    I, too, am suffering a bit after a high – this time my book signing, which, if I say so myself, was enjoyable and fun.
    But autumn calls, and the battle against the days drawing in and the weather blustering. I suppose life wouldnt be as bearable without the downs, to set off the moments of joy and expectation which make the world go round….
    Love your butterflies.


  3. Sallyann says:

    Wonderful pictures, Save some to cheer us up in the deep depths of winter. 🙂


  4. adinparadise says:

    Sorry about the badge, but at least some other blogger is happy. 🙂 Love your butterfly pics. have a great week. Chin up. 🙂


  5. says:

    I am very sorry you are Mopey and have every reason to be !~GIANT HUG~


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