Trashy Tuesday?

From mopey Monday to trashy Tuesday? How so negative? Why so despondent? No… I’m not really down in the dumps. I’m just rather at a loose end. Again, some may say. Yes, again!

Sometimes life is all a bit of a blur. Monday rolls around and another week gets off to the usual rocky start. By the time Tuesday gets here we’re often wishing Friday would jump in the way and rescue us from the grind. OK… we realise by Wednesday afternoon that we’re over the hump… and so we wish our lives away! Away… away, never to return. Yes… once it passes it’s gone. Forever!

OK… I’ll stop. At this rate I’ll get myself so depressed that I’ll go off looking for a tree. I think I must just take it a tad easy for a while. Rest… let the mind settle into it’s winter mode. If I do that the Muse might sneak back into consciousness… she may come crawling back… ready to stir fresh ripples on the tranquil pools of stagnation. She could well whip up a frenzy of stormy winds… driving creativity across the barren mental plains of uncertainty.

There is a silver lining... is there not? Come on Muse... get back!

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2 Responses to Trashy Tuesday?

  1. Sallyann says:

    I was trying to think of the bright side for you to look on, but I see you found a silver lining on your own. 😀


  2. Savor the moment, dear, don’t live in the future *hugs*


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