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Sunday… yes, it’s that day again. The day of rest… to sit back and enjoy the sublime regeneration of body and soul. Yes, it’s only 24 hours but as seen as a fraction of the week it should be enough to help our weary body’s recuperate so we can face the next set of challenges thrown at us during the coming week.

Sublime… rest, quiet, relaxing. Warm, indoors sitting around a roaring log fire or maybe out in the fresh air walking, enjoying the countryside. Then, we have or fortunate fellow’s down south of the equator living it up on some beach or another… oh well, we can only enjoy the sublime in the moment that’s given to us.

With that thought in mind I’ll leave you with my kaleidoscope of shapes and colours inspired by this week’s challenge… from lines to patterns… yes, may you sit back and relive some of my moments with me… I do hope you enjoy…

Click on the top left (or anywhere) to navigate through the gallery and read the captions…

PS – I think in the week someday I’ll do a Mother Nature lines and patterns…

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16 Responses to Sublime Sunday – From Lines to Patterns – WPhotoC

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  6. So many lines and shapes, all of your photos drew me in and took me away from here. Thank you for that! 😀


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  8. I did do mother natures lines I’m not very good a t fallowing directions 🙂


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  10. says:

    Beautiful gallery AJ. !


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