Celebs On The Loose?

Weeks ago, when posting a photo in one of Ailsa’s weekend challenges, I mentioned that I think I spotted an Irish Celeb of note later while uploading the pics. It was one of those mornings when one wants to point the camera in every direction possible at the same time. Saturdays in August is high season for weddings in Ireland, like I’m sure it must be in most Northern Hemisphere. Dublin folk make no exception to the rule and every church with a few classic architectural lines is booked well in advance for ceremonies.

August wedding at Dublin's St Stephen's Green Unitarian Church...

Senior Son needed to be in town to attend a college activity so by the time I found parking somewhere close to St Stephen’s Green I’d seen at least 4 weddings in progress. I’m usually attracted by the old cars that are being used as bridal conveyances and not too much by the folk involved, I mean… I’m a total stranger so it would be intrusive of me to snap away, would it not?

The photographer gets the gathering in line... cameras snapping!!

This occasion was slightly different. I soon realised I could stand directly behind the photographer… and as is my habit, take pictures of the photographer hard at work. That’s most of the fun for me, not the people watching. But I waffle. Who could the celeb in question be? I think I may just have stumbled on Ireland’s very own Mr President!

Happiness is? Wave hard now... it's supposed to be fun!!

OK… I do believe I’m correct but maybe someone will prove me wrong. So, for those of you wondering… the snowy haired gent just to the left of the gal with the assortment of bird’s bits stuck to her head… I think that OUR Man!

Could it be? Micheal D Higgins himself? Good day Mr President!!

PS – If someone knows the photographer… please pass on the details…

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8 Responses to Celebs On The Loose?

  1. Tahira says:

    I love the bird-wearing-seagull…..headgear…..lady!


  2. wildsherkin says:

    Yes, that’s our man alright!


  3. vastlycurious.com says:

    Yes I see him but WHAT is she wearing on her head?


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