Green as the Emerald Isle!!

Yes… I’m absolutely green. With envy! When last have you had one of those whoopy moments and then within seconds your hot air balloon turns into a flaming lead zeppelin? Crash! Only thing… while you’re having your crash and burn downward spiral the whole scene turns miraculously into a Phoenix, out of the ashes, arise event. All at the speed of white light.

How is this possible? Not easy but I reckon it must be one of those rare family moments which only swing around once in a long while. We were sitting in the kitchen. I was between taking photos of the Italian tomato sauce I was attempting to make. I was up and down… having the odd look at Jennifer’s recipe, keeping an eye on the South African team’s progress at the Champions League and keeping up the general banter.

The makings of Jennifer's sauce...

At one point I noticed that the blog’s hits had passed 90K. That was when the whoopy moment happened! Senior Son, who was sitting to my left, muttered sheepishly… “Good on you dad… “

At this point Junior Son added “Not bad for 2 years…”

I corrected… “More that 2 and a half years actually.” Still a fair achievement, I thought… until I was informed that the college site Senior Son does a report for gets 60K hits per week.

“That’s some hits for a relatively small college site… “ The general consent in the room.

Then the flaming crash moment… “My weekly football update is getting more that 3000 hits now… per week.” 

There you have it. The 2nd year journalism student gets more hits per week than what his long-suffering father gets per month! After only a month or so… once a week… football! OK… I confess, at that exact point of the flaming downward plummet it was almost the end of OMBH… right there, right then. But… the Phoenix rose… yes, any father would be justifiably proud and more than a little chuffed at his son’s success.

Right… for those of you who follow English football or just want to read the usurper’s weekly contribution… feel free to click on the link!

I can’t show the lad at his PC… working on the next post. Shy of cameras, he is. So… we had Junior son take a photo of our hit journo having a taster of a lamb rib… yes, you guessed, marinaded in my version of the sauce mentioned above.

Lamb rib tasters...

AaaaH… Monday again! Be strong, have faith… the week will get better…

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13 Responses to Green as the Emerald Isle!!

  1. Thanks for the mention. How did your sauce turn out?


    • aj vosse says:

      The sauce was great… the ribs worked out well… a definite winner!! Thanks 😉


      • Glad I could have helped! 🙂


        • aj vosse says:

          I was tempted to do another ‘Relaxation’ post about the whole sauce making lark. I think I got the whole process going at about 13h00… the photos… the washing, the chopping… the whole process must have come to an end at about 19h00!! I don’t know when last I had such a good time making a sauce!! Anyway… I’ll soon be doing a post for the other blog. I will let you know when that goes live. Thanks again for your recipe and the inspiration it provided!! Total FUN!! 😛


  2. Sallyann says:

    Congrats to all three of you. 🙂
    And nice pre-sauce picture too. 🙂


  3. adinparadise says:

    Love that first pic. Something delicious was bound to come out of that lot. 🙂 Congrats to your son,……..oh, and you too. 🙂


  4. Or as Seth Godin would say, we are past the mass marketing era and into the era of tribes so its about connecting with like-minded people that matters rather than the size of the group.


  5. I’d rather read your blog than a football blog any ole day. 🙂


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