Last Quarter

It dawned… grey, dark cold and very wet. So started October. I woke from a fitful sleep, still dreaming of the interview gone wrong. The lady was asking me a series of questions, each getting more distant and less understandable. Worst of all, she was supposed to be speaking my language. So she professed. Only thing… I think she’d heard I was from South Latvia and not South Africa.

The worst of this, I fear, was still to come yet I’d already been made quite a fool of by other members of the interviewing process. The lead torturer had a vaguely familiar look about him. It was only later I realised he was once a very important local business tycoon in the home country. Only thing, he was making my life a misery now.

At one point he suggested the whole party sit around a table… for a hand or two of poker! Yes, I surmised it was part of the psychological profiling. Only problem? As I patiently and politely waited for all the company directors to be seated I realised they were going to take all the available seats. That left me standing… cards in hand, trying nonchalantly not to look at the cards being held by those closest to me.

I was doing mental maths, working out the potential of being dealt a two pair, with as many players as this sitting around the table and only one deck in play. I looked at my hand. Triple Queens! They had no chance! Wrong… the alarm woke me as the woman with the strange accent’s questioning intensified. I never got to see the results of my given hand, nor, for that matter did I get to find out what the interview was for.

All this subconscious activity? Could it be that an overactive imagination causes us so much mental gymnastics that we battle to sleep properly? I think so. Why all the imagination workout? There’s suddenly been an interest in the hitherto unpublished novel. Only thing… I’ve shelved it because I wasn’t sure where to go with the whole thing. A very good virtual friend who now has her first novel published has given advice that’s had me stewing for some time. I’ve finally woken up. I think I’m now going to do a bit of rewriting. Actually, a LOT of rewriting. Not only that… I’m going to have to do much new writing. At this point it seems to me I have half a story. The already underway sequel is now going to form part two of the one novel… FUN!

There you have it… so the last quarter of the year begins. I have a new set of objectives firmly established! Finally… finally the mental gymnastics have resulted in a better path and a clear view of the plan ahead. I’ll now do as JB suggests… define the plot and then tell the story! The plot’s been there for a long time… now I know how to approach telling the story!


Sorry Jane… I was looking to feature your book’s front cover along with the link… then I found this again. Yes, I’ve nicked today’s pic off JB’s blog… I hope forgiveness is forthcoming! Oh, just in case you were wondering… Jane’s book is called Breath of Africa… that photo shouts Africa… no, it screams Africa!

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6 Responses to Last Quarter

  1. The Rider says:

    What is “Africa”? 🙂


  2. Sallyann says:

    Go for it. Follow your dreams.
    But only the good ones. 😉


  3. says:

    Your dream must have been disturbing! Rarely do I remember mine ! The photograph is just breathtaking!!!! WOW!


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