Height! – Ailsa’s WTT

WoW… how often do you get a challenge in and within a few minutes you realise it was sent specifically for an occasion. Some may wonder if I’m in cahoots with Ailsa because today’s challenge is specific to the activity we’ve been collecting for in the last while. Yes, today our boss is going to fall from a rather high altitude.

The reason? Somewhere during the last few months someone convinced a certain Mr ND to do a parachute jump for charity! The idea was not mine at all. In fact, my favourite radio station, Nova, got the whole thing going. Their “Toss the Boss” fundraising stunt has already taken place. When I first heard the Nova promotion I took the idea into our workplace but because of logistical issues our boss couldn’t make it for their event.

So, after much too-ing and fro-ing and behind the scenes activity our in-house team, consisting of a certain Ms Terri and the Boss, managed to arrange our own version of a “Toss the Boss” event for the same charity. That charity being the Irish Make a Wish Foundation. So… there you have it. Today, sometime in the afternoon, one very brave man is going to make quite a few folk extremely proud! I have to add… Niall Dillon, our boss in question today, is not fond of heights in the least.

However… I’m only too happy to say we’ve passed out initial target of € 3000! Please click here to see the progress to date. Later today I plan to place a few photos but for now you’ll have to make do with a sight of some of the actual notes received from the kind folk who have responded so well to our little exercise in scaling the heights on this day!

04 007

Thanks Ailsa for giving me a good reason to post today’s challenge! As you mentioned in your reply to my comment on your blog… we have all at some point in time wished we could throw our boss from a dizzy height… so, when the chance arrives we have to respond as best we can!

18h45… a quick update!! Yes, it’s happened!! Here’s proof…

YES!! That's a done deal!! Brave man did just as he promised!!

I’ll have to spend a day or two sorting the pics but I promise you… there were some rather happy faces this afternoon…

Yes… we’re all back on Mother Earth!!

The Dillon's... happy people!!

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