Would You Promote Yourself?

Now there’s something to think about. Last week I spoke about the chances of me firing myself. So… it’s gone from would I hire myself past firing myself to wondering if, by some quirk of fate I did work for myself, if I would actually like myself so much that I’d allow finance to give me a pay raise?

This is a rather obtuse scenario, of that I am sure. However… if we could debate the possibilities of hiring ourselves we must be prepared to think of the options of our alter-ego’s performing so well that we need to retain their services at all costs. That would most definitely mean keeping the old wallet filled with the filthy notes, would it not? The occasional “thank you” may come in handy too, but… its money that makes the world go round, is it not?

All this cross debating and general wondering about the merits of self praise has led to the next level of worry. When exactly is change for the sake of change going to impact the whole arrangement and I surpass my own Level of incompetence as defined by the Peter Principle?

Shoo… now I’ve run rings around myself! Indeed… if I could hire myself then I’d have to give myself a pay rise… maybe after every quarter has passed… after all, I seem to be the only one up for giving me a rise!!

The magpie...shrewd and canny this fella... almost as cute as my alter-ego.

Still wondering about my alter-ego’s confused state? No idea when he’s going to cop on but as I don’t have any more gargoyles to show you I’ll have to substitute my shortcomings with a pic of a living legend… perched on the apex of the porch at St Mary’s Church in Donnybrook, Dublin. Shrewd and canny fellow… knows a thing or two more about survival than my alter-ego… or does he?

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5 Responses to Would You Promote Yourself?

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  3. vastlycurious.com says:

    I can promote anyone but not myself. Otherwise I would be a famous fashion designer, ( I came very close) but not close enough. I love the living legend photo and your Blog. (which is actually a form of self promotion- — light bulb moment!!)



    • aj vosse says:

      Yes… the self promotional aspect of blogging did pass by the windows of my mind… to be honest, your flattery makes it worthwhile!! 😉


      • vastlycurious.com says:

        Why thank you , I think it is a mutually satisfying experience for all of us here : )


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