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Last week were up at great heights with Ailsa’s weekly travel theme. The good lady sure knows how to flip-flop with ease. This week the theme is DEEP! Deep in trouble is about the only deep I know about. No, maybe deep, deep in trouble!

OK… I do know about other deep’s… or other deep issues… even deep things. The gold mines in South Africa are of the deepest in the world. That is a big plus for some as they’re able to get at the golden lustre where other’s can’t. The Big Hole in Kimberly, South Africa, is deep. It was at one time the deepest man-made pit dug anywhere on the planet… to get at more of South Africa’s wealth. Diamonds.

Yes… these are deep. However, I don’t have any photos to show you. therefore the whole line of thought has just been kicked back into deepest darkest Africa, or space… or oblivion… or? Deep blue sky? Yes!! Now we’re talking… I have the odd photo of the deep blue sky!

Against the deep blue sky... parachute into peace!

OK… travel into the deep… the deep blue sea. Why not? Is there any deeper on the planet that the middle of the oceans? From looking up into the deep blue to looking down from on height at the blue deep of the English Channel… those massive tankers look like match sticks afloat in a bath tub…

Deep blue of the English Channel from on high...

Maybe I was to tell you of a time I was in deep trouble but look at it from my POV… if I did spill the carrots or slice the beans I’d likely be digging a deeper hole for myself!

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6 Responses to DEEP – Ailsa’s WTT

  1. cyardin says:

    Well cool. I love the “tiny” boat on the ocean.


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