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Infinite – where does one begin? Where does one end? Nowhere. I remember, as a little boy, asking one of the adults I admired to explain the meaning. The person was my uncle… no mystic… he was a rather astute fellow, at a later point in life I was to learn he was at that stage qualified as an electrical and mechanical engineer. Also a man of great faith. He simply said…

“Son… as infinite as God’s Love for mankind… that’s how infinite!” 

Yes… I know there are many of you who’ll say that’s no answer. I don’t really want to debate those differences in opinion here… what I want to establish is that a mild statement from a mild-mannered man left an indelible impression on a young boy. I think I understood the concept there and then. Yes… if we could fathom the reaches of God’s Love then we could fathom anything.

Reading Ben’s words in the challenge stimulated all sorts of thoughts… the infinity of the universe all mirrored in the infinite complexity of single atom. Can we grasp the microscopic dimensions at molecular level any better than grasping the vastness of the Milky Way?

In the oak? Infinity of ideas?

The image of this twisted, gnarled old oak’s branch came to mind. Who could, or would, ever attempt to contemplate the amount of cracks or fissures folded in among the twists? How many molecules of CO2 have passed through the myriad of capillaries to be turned into living wood and leaves? How many drops of rain have washed off the summer day’s dust in the late afternoon? One branch… an endless array of ideas and questions. Would you like spending the infinity it takes to try and manufacture answers to some of the questions? I wish you endless luck!

Some may wonder… yes, that uncle is still alive today. Yes, his faith never wavered and simple little seeds of wisdom like he shared with a young boy grew to take root…

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