Marvelous Mondays and IRFU Presidents!

Yes, indeed… so another week arrives. It’s Monday again and after a hectic weekend of fun and party it’s time to get a tad more serious and get back to work.

And all the frivolity? Saturday saw the annual North Kildare Cricket Club’s awards dinner. I’ll be brief and say it was more than good… it was great. If I may quantify great in some way I’ll say it was 603 photos taken later great. By no means was I planning to take so many photos. I kept saying to all who asked during the preceding weeks that I don’t have the correct lens for the job, fully expecting another member of the club to bring a bigger and better camera than my baby Nikon, as I call it.

However, I got a tad carried, away… and as there were very few cameras about it sort of just happened that I was left pointing the thing in all directions. So, for my efforts I’m happy to say I came away with a wee scoop! The President of the Irish Rugby Football Union just so happened to have dropped in for the night. Well, sort of… he was actually not a gatecrasher but the Guest of Honour at the dinner!

IRFU President, Pat Fitzgerald, being presented a specially arranged treat!! Anyone care to take a Bath??

Pat Fitzgerald shared a few ideas with all present and as I was bold enough to point the camera in his direction I think I’ll be bold enough to show you one of the photos. Why not, it may just do the world good to see we amateurs also occasionally mingle with the wise and wonderful striding the planet in harmony with their lowly contemporaries…

Do please click on the link to read a little more about our honourable guest…

If you’re wondering about the photo… IRFU President, Pat Fitzgerald, being presented with a specially arranged treat. Anyone care to take a Bath??

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3 Responses to Marvelous Mondays and IRFU Presidents!

  1. It’s still Sunday here. Not time for work yet!


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