Yesterday I spent at home… not through choice but because the 24 hour bug that had swept through the house last week finally decided my immune system wasn’t strong enough to prevent it from striking. I’m sure you know the feeling, you’re not in the mood to do anything, especially as you’ve been keeping up the shuttle diplomacy between the bedroom and the on-suite for most of the previous night.

It’s amazing though, how just the day before I’d mentioned about something small taking you on a mental trip around 5 galaxies before dumping you back in the now without you having to move an inch… well, taking into consideration the shuttle diplomacy. I spent most of the day reading a fellow South African’s account of his Camino de Santiago  pilgrimage. (Unfortunately the account is in Afrikaans… do try the translator, I didn’t because I felt it would lose the writer’s humorous by-play… )

I’ve never really given thought to doing something of this nature but reading his account has most definitely planted a seed. Just please don’t say anything to the GLW!

Yes… there will be the standard excuse on my part, no money… too long away from home, not a RC member so bones, Saints and relics have no meaning… type 2 diabetic, still haven’t fully recovered from the painful and rather mean effects of the Statin drugs. If I should be so daft to do something of this nature the first opportunity will surely be in the spring of next year… after I’ve passed another mini milestone… you know, those you get halfway between the major ones.

Only six months ago I would have said yes, I’m used to walking up to 25 kilometers at a time. Only thing, that was generally flat Irish canal tow-path walking… sedate, once a weekend strolls, not 3 weeks of strenuous climbing and steep descents. Yet… I’m drawn by something else.

On Saturday gone by I posted a picture of the English Channel. This was taken in 2010 en route to the Algarve. At that time I remember looking down at the green land below. Northern Spain it was… yes, the end on the pilgrimage. Then the inlets, coves and seemingly wild and rugged coastline suggested a visit should be planned at some time in the future… now I’m wondering? Has serendipity led me to the beginning of something totally daft? I’ll tell you what… I’ll keep wondering for a while… if it’s meant to be it will!

1811 015

The Northern Spanish coast as seen from on high… I’m wondering, is that place calling?

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2 Responses to Wondering?

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  2. Hope you’re feeling better, AJ. You never know what will happen; you just might find yourself on another adventure one day.


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