BROWN… as in LBJ’s – Ailsa’s WTT

Brown… dreary… dull or not? It is a colour after all. So many hues… so many meanings. Brown. I initially thought little of the challenge Ailsa has pulled across our bows this week. Brown? Until I clicked into the post and saw her great photos. The wheat fields one is really special.

However… I still wasn’t convinced about the merits of a brown post. After all… this is Ireland… the place of many greens! My resistance was short-lived once I spotted the Churchill quote.

“I cannot pretend to be partial about the colours. I rejoice with the brilliant ones, and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.” 

LBJ - little brown job on a dried thistle...

The poor browns! Yep, that reminded me of the term LBJ. Little brown job. That’s the highly scientific definition for a vast number of bird species to be found all over the world… the ones that you don’t know the names for because their magic brown camouflage makes them almost indistinguishable from their cousins. LBJ’s indeed. If the lad above didn’t sport the few highlights I would most likely never have seen him.

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4 Responses to BROWN… as in LBJ’s – Ailsa’s WTT

  1. LOVE! Wow, stunning.


  2. de Wets Wild says:

    That’s a very pretty LBJ AJ!


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