Brown Against The Hues Of The Setting Moon

Yesterday I broke with tradition by placing two posts, in so doing using all my weekend ideas in one go. I mean, how could I resist? So… as I’ve now totally stumped myself I’ll just have to break another bit of new ground. I’ll combine the two challenges into one. Why not?

The setting moon as seen from the kitchen window...

Ailsa challenged us to show off our browns. That’s exactly what I feel like doing. Early yesterday morning I went down to the kitchen to be greeted by a splendid sight. The setting full moon was dipping toward the tree-lined horizon. A splendid moon indeed!

Setting full moon as seen through the dying brown flower stalks

That prompted a quick dash outside. Halfway around the house my slippers were drenched but the reward was worth it. At one point the thought dawned that I could get the moon through the dried brown remnants of the dead flower stalks. OK… so, I could show you brown and by changing focus I could get the moon’s different hues…

Water drop against the disc of the setting full moon.

Macro mode for the water droplet… yes, that pale orb is the full moon. I’ve mentioned a few week’s ago that the macro zoom lens is playing up. I had to fiddle endlessly with the lens. This was taken in total manual… about the best result of all the droplet photos I took…

Brown bobble against the pale early hues... my mood? Beauty always lifts my mood!

The fast descending moon forced me to abandon the search for the perfect droplet… but that allowed a few more minutes to get a few more browns. This brown bobble against the pale early hues… my mood? Beauty always lifts my mood.

Pale pastels... peaceful.

Last but not least… just before the moon finally dipped I caught this view… I will admit, I enhanced the hues only a tad… while also square cropping all the photos for effect!

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15 Responses to Brown Against The Hues Of The Setting Moon

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  4. Your macro shot one up from the bottom is beautiful. I love the simple composition, the morning light on the seedhead and the moon in behind. Great capture!


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  7. livvy30 says:

    Great shots. The moon has been lovely the last few days but we’ve only been getting fleeting glances of it through the rain clouds down here!


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks again… beautiful again this evening. We were in Arklow and drove all the way home with this massive yellow ball playing hide and seek behind the clouds. It was special


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  9. says:

    NICE work and I combine challenges all the time 🙂


  10. acuriousgal says:

    Beautiful pics of the lovely moon and wonderful macros too!! I just love browns!!!


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