‘Tis the silly season. Is it? Why silly? Well, judging by the effects last Monday’s magic mushroom post had on a few folk I’ve decided that it must surely be time to devote more attention to said fungi. It is, after all… the season when they’re most abundant.

MMMMMM – Marvelously Majestically Magical Mystery’s on Mushroom Monday… 

I don’t know, if by some charm of the fairy who lives at the bottom of the garden, I’ve been lead to the source of more altering encounters. Last Monday’s crop may have cousins living right here in our own garden. No reason to drive hundreds of kilometers to find the magic… just walk down the path and snap away.

Could this be Blusher?  (Amanita rubescens ) Don't know, next time I see the fairy I'll ask...

My research seems to suggest that these fine specimens could be Blushers… better known as (Amanita rubescens). If that be so then they are indeed close cousins of those lovely red and white fairy havens. A little less flash yes but charming in their own way!

PS – Whatever you do… don’t quote me and don’t use this post’s information to help identify mushrooms… I could be very wrong!

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4 Responses to MMMMMM

  1. The Rider says:

    I just saw a lot of mushrooms rising where termites play in my garden and also thought if it would be poisonous or not, I’ll rather not try…


  2. says:

    I was looking for mushrooms myself today and could only find some on a tree and I did not eat them !! Are those the little puff balls?


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