Connections… Ailsa’s WTT

This week Ailsa made it easy. Yep, wherever we look there’ll be a connection or two… or two thousand or twenty thousand. The JW v G quote at the end of her post says it all… everything in connection with something else. So, I’ll throw in a few random connections beginning with the GLW and the real AJ… posing for yours truly… you see there’s a whole list of connections there alone… umbrella… rain… granny and grandson… models and photographer… happy and happier… OK, ok… I know you get the connection…

ONG aka GLW and AJ the WWW GSA...

Right, random I said so random it will be. A comment spotted on Ailsa’s post prompted a pondering reply by me… therefore, for the very special Mrs C… here’s a doggy one for you. Ok… now I’m stretching the connections to include cross cultural cyber links… mmmmmm… fetching.

Strangers walking strangers... connected in time and place, briefly...

Then we have that very tenuous connection with the sky above us. You know the old story… what goes up must come down. Here the fellow is at that moment when the reliance on his connection with the shute is no longer needed because he’s again connected safely with Mother Earth…

Connection with Mother Earth... welcome!

Connections with the past? How do we keep old traditions going, whatever the weather? Simple… umbrella. Yep, there’s nothing wrong with unfurling the big green thing to ward off the sun… mmmmmm… sorry, this is Ireland so the roles are inverted. The heat goes up as can be seen by the rising steam. Whatever the weather, as long as we’re together…

Connecting traditions with environment...

Random… so, what now? That’s easy. How about the best connector of dots known to man? Could there be any other organism who does join the invisible dots so well?

Joiner of dots...

I’ll end with another bit of Mother Nature’s connections. The proboscis is stuck deep into the allium… connecting to sustenance. So the circle of life goes… food fun and a few other bits and pieces thrown in to connect our wee universe with your wee universe… do have fun and enjoy your links… the old, the present and those soon due! Stay connected…

Life's connections... all meant to be!

There you have it… random connections… do have fun… whatever you do!

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6 Responses to Connections… Ailsa’s WTT

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  3. adinparadise says:

    Lovely connections. 🙂 That last one is my favourite.


  4. says:

    My connections are here mainly 🙂 Thanks to you and you good people!


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