Old Habits! WPhotoC

Indeed… old habits. Yes, as the old saying goes… they die hard. But then I ask, why do we want them to die in the first place, hard or soft? Why not rather suggest that bad habits should never have become habits in the first place so we’ll skip them and stick with the good habits.

Today is indeed a day of good habits in our family. Junior Son reaches that milestone when adolescence is supposed to be put behind one and the leap to adulthood is supposed to be embraced. I say supposed to because the perception is only in the mind of the person who wants to abide by linear limitations. Our JS has been an adult in so many ways yet he still has the beautiful innocence of a child in other ways.

Today… 18 years old. No longer a boy… now, by Western norms a man. OK… almost. Anyway… HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, our baby boy.

Thus the habit of celebrating continues… our family’s habit is for sharing a good meal. In days gone by we all crammed into the cars and set off to the nearest steakhouse or restaurant. Now, the family are more than content to spend the time at home… the braai going. Sizzling steaks… tasty lamb ribs… spuds, salads… desert… and a few sploshes of red stuff for yours truly. Makes for a great afternoon or evening. Our own music of choice… our own good company and visitors coming and going… adds to the fun!

Enjoy your day me lad… yep, now you’re legal… your pappy will buy you a pint in the grownup store… that’s for sure! God Bless you and keep you… always!

OK... I'm old enough now... 18 is the number... the new 14!!

The timely photo challenge Michelle presented this week is a habit in itself… a weekly blogging habit. Therefore, I’ll take up the braai tongs and concur!

PS – Yes, you may wonder… the lad wanted to sleep late on his birthday so we had to have his braai last night… all the more fun!

PSS – Seeing the pic in broad daylight seems to suggest the lad’s jumper is rather dirty… no, it was obviously only the camera setting and my attempt at enhancing the photo a bit… do click here and you’ll see I’m not telling porkies…

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7 Responses to Old Habits! WPhotoC

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  3. adinparadise says:

    Happy birthday to your son. it’s a wonderful age to be, with the whole world at your feet. The braai sounds delicious.


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  5. de Wets Wild says:

    Happy Happy! Congratulations to JS and his parents!


    • aj vosse says:

      Dankie swaer!! Yep, last night’s braai went down well… even if it did start raining as I was about to get the meat on… nothing like the BIG green ‘Cadac’ umbrella as a lapa roof! 😉


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