Tricolour Trotters?

Last weeks Dublin Marathon posts looked at the agony and triumph of success. However, I have so many lighter moments captured that I’d probably have another dozen or so posts to show you. To begin with… how about 3 French lads doing it for France… or for fun? I’ve spotted another unique angle to the photo. Look-see… the numbers are consecutive. That surely can’t happen too often, can it? Remember… the lads were almost within sight of the finish so they’d endured about 4 hours on the road as a threesome… sorry, tricolour…

Three lads on the trot... Dublin 2013 Marathon..

Pity the lad in green managed to split the three… oh well, these things add flavour…

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4 Responses to Tricolour Trotters?

  1. Zazou says:

    Hello , I’m 496, French boy !! thanks for your picture and comment …..
    Run just for Fun ….


    • aj vosse says:

      Hi Zazou.

      Thanks for the comment and for following OMBH. I’m rater curious… how did you find the psot about you three lads?

      Cheers for now, AJ


  2. says:

    Hilarious !


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