Short – Ailsa’s WTT

The week has slipped away from me and I find myself ridiculously short on time…

Yes, that’s just how I feel, even though those aren’t my words but a sentence I borrowed from Ailsa’s challenge this week. SHORT. I’ll have to confess, I’m rather short of excuses… totally tired after a rather busy and some would say, productive, week.

The shortness of time and breath have something to do with an activity on Tuesday gone by. GLW and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit into town to see the Stereophonics in action. But, as each action has an equal but opposite reaction, all the energy expended left us both short toward the weekend, especially when Tuesday’s late night was followed by a similar slumber pattern on Wednesday night. It all mounts up… leaving us short on ideas equally short of fresh ideas.

So… as this little fellow is mainly to blame for our shortness… of whatever, I’ll leave you with an image of the short and the long of it all… Kelly Jones at the piano…

Stereophonics' Kelly Jones in action... 12 Now 2013, Dublin Ireland...

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6 Responses to Short – Ailsa’s WTT

  1. ailsapm says:

    Brilliant photo, AJ, bet it was a cracking show! xxx Ailsa


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  3. rfljenksy says:

    Love this one..


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