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Layers… yes, that’s the term used for egg producing hens. Chicken farmers will talk of layers or pullets. Pullets are almost layers. A pullet becomes a layer when she deposits her first egg in the basket… or on the floor or wherever the poor thing decides to break her duck… or chicken or whatever.

However, I don’t quite know why I chose this line of attack as I don’t have any photos of chickens on the point of lay… or layer, or even layers. Maybe the thought sprung to mind because of the layered complexity of my mind. You see, this week Sara shows us a fine example of cabbage… the photo almost looks good enough to eat. I don’t have any such great brassica pics so maybe the old rotted mind of mine skipped a few outer layers, making one giant leap to another food source… or, should that be sauce? OK… now I’ve managed to drag my mind from lay to layer without as much of a single connection.

Where do I find photos of a layered nature, I wondered. Summer galleries? Maybe there could be something there. So… the obscure layering process began… I found one pic with a lovely array of sunset clouds layered one atop the other.

Layers of sunset clouds and colours...

If you look closely at the bottom left corner you’ll see an object that appears to be structured in layers… that’s because it might just be. A closer look confirms my suspicion…

Spiky layers? Who knows?

The search for cabbage photos took me deeper into the September folder… more layers of colour… more layers of beauty.

Layers of colour... and beauty!

However, I wanted to take a few up to date autumn layers of colour photos so I went walk about in the garden… just for you. No, for us all!

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28 Responses to Layers – WPhotoC

  1. Sallyann says:

    Brilliant September sky. 😀


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  4. Katie Bradshaw says:

    A feast of color! Lovely!


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  6. Loved the word association game and your garden stroll.


    • aj vosse says:

      Aaaah… the joys of the English language… fun lays about wherever there’s an egg to be laid! 😉
      Sorry… now I’m getting carried away…


  7. Woolly Muses says:

    Love your colourful photos and thanks for reminding me of “layers” and ” pullets”. Brings back memories…..


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  10. The fall collage is stunning!


  11. layers of colour and light – very nice!


  12. Tina Schell says:

    Wow, you found some SERIOUS layers in your search!


  13. Love the fall colours. Around here we don’t get many trees that change colour. They go from green to brown, just like that.


  14. says:

    The Chicken Farmers and their chickens was the perfect response AJ ! : ) Also your layers of beauty !


  15. acuriousgal says:

    Gosh, so pretty


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