I Give UP!

Well, not quite… but that’s how I feel some days. Give up? What? Give up blogging? Give up liking? Give up commenting? Give up… that’s it, just give up!

I’ve come to the realisation that a weekend of blogging, writing… fathering, cooking… being oupa and husband leaves little time for rest. Photographer… philosopher, poet… storyteller… editor. Then, for the important part… reader of other blogger’s thoroughly entertaining posts.

Clown, occasional child-minder… comedian… dreamer, sorter-outer of mind matters. Reader. Taxi driver? Where does one still find time for a bit of loving or living… or are those chores rolled into all the others? Mind you, all the others may be rolled into just those two. Profound? Maybe.

Anyway… my confession, again. I can’t ever spend enough time visiting the folk who visit OMBH. All I can do is thank you for your ongoing support. I promise… I’ll make an attempt to occasionally call around.

Pheasant in a field... autumn bliss in Co Meath, Ireland. Spot the other bird? ;-)

I assure you, I’ll never take someone else’s time and effort for granted. Thank you… God Bless!

The photo – Pheasant in an autumn field, near Summerhill, Co Meath, Ireland.

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12 Responses to I Give UP!

  1. wildsherkin says:

    I’m giving up too so if you keep going so will I! 🙂
    P.S. I get stressed about not keeping up with other blogs too. I think many feel the same but we can only all do what we can do and blogging is a great creative outlet so keep on writing and taking pictures and we’ll keep reading!


  2. Gaurab says:

    Don’t worry about anything…least of all visiting other’s post…just keep on writing 🙂 This will for sure change your mind http://wp.me/p3QJTb-g1 😀


    • aj vosse says:

      AaaaH Thanks!! Yes, those two really knew how to get on with life!! Don’t think I’ve watched the Lion King in at least 15 years but now that I have grand kids I do occasionally hear the sound track… reminds of home… of AFRICA!!


  3. acuriousgal says:

    Don’t give up, AJ….people understand that everyone has a life


  4. vastlycurious.com says:

    Don’t you dare give up! No pressure …whenever is how we all do it!


I value your 'likes' and comments, even though I don't always reciprocate, I care. Thanks for making the effort! God Bless!!

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