Dirty Ditty of Desire!

Once upon a time there was a pretty lady who caused me to share
Some of those bold mental images of nature’s best posing bare
Flirtations with titivating bosoms, butts and thighs, if you so dare

Lady V challenges all who want to publish their raunchy desire
To write a ditty, a verse or two about their virtual muck and mire
Don’t share too much of those with whom you’d want to play sire

The fine line between nude beauty and smut… oh, what a dichotomy
Messing with the mind, images too sordid, definitely not philosophy
Likely to lead to trouble or torment, even ideas of lateral lobotomy

Early we rise on weekend mornings… flicking from site to enticing site
Jenny tells of sausages and things saucy, figs promise heavenly delight
Then there’s a Girl who of her shower habits share… weight loss insight

Elizabeth tells of sheer mud running fun, what to bring to the OCR, or not
On occasion you’re lucky to see a different point of view so sultry and hot
I even recall the passion once seen, courtesy of fine specimens of guillemot

Yes, early I rise… even on wet weekends, habits have formed as I get older
From site to happy site I hop, all the while the images in my head get bolder
Mud yearning gets stronger, I reminisce, I open my ’Farmers Weekly’ folder!

Black and white delight!!

… do please click on the blue links to enjoy the fun… strange what blogging can stir!

About aj vosse

Love life, live love... share life... share love!
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5 Responses to Dirty Ditty of Desire!

  1. adinparadise says:

    I could spend the whole day flitting from site to site. 🙂
    Hope you’ll follow my new blog: http://anotherday2paradise.wordpress.com/


  2. V says:

    By far the best verse my About blurb has inspired, the incorporation of the shout-outs a clever turn. Love it!


    • aj vosse says:

      Taaa!! So happy I placed a smile on a face or two this COLD morning!! 😉

      I’ll see if I can concoct a ‘clean’ version some time… 🙂


  3. So nice, thank you for mentioning me. And I like the blogs that you’ve mentioned, thank you. It’s always nice to find some new blog reading. 🙂


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