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The sense of smell is perhaps the most evocative of all the senses, so get ready to heighten olfactory perception and show me your most aromatic photos. If you would like to join in (everyone’s welcome!) here’s what to do: 

These are the words from Ailsa’s post this week… but unfortunately here’s what I can’t do. I don’t have a sense of smell so nothing in life can be evocative to me, or can it? If I have to go by my own sense of smell then this is as far as I go. No photos today. A total blank. Meters of white space. Post finished, I can turn over and go back to sleep… dreaming of what it may be like to have a sense of smell.

I doze off… images flicker into life… no, it’s the flames flickering into life… aaah, the lovely aroma of the braai wafts by… so enticing I can’t say no…


How, oh how, can a man live without his braai? Sorry to all my vegetarian and vegan friends, this is not meant to upset you… just to show you how we, the other side, eek out an existence. Makes me wonder though… if you do catch a sniff of the rich fragrances how does your brain interpret the olfactory messages?

Onward we go. Ailsa shows us a few different images that all evoke ideas… ripening fruit… the smell of hedgerow honeysuckle… makes me think of foraging in the hedgerows along the canal towpaths. My take on ripening hedgerow summer bliss? Free morsels of delight…

Blackberries against a blue summer sky...

Ailsa also shows us a Irish soda bread… some waft off that delicacy. Now my problem… I’m not too fond of said bread but as for baking skills and hedgerow fruit combined… how about a bit of blackberry loaf to get the taste buds tingling?

blackberry loaf

However… Ailsa is an Irish lass… a Dublin lass no less, traipsing along in the wilds of North America… far from home… far from the hedgerows and comforts of a home bake… far from the glorious aromas of a hot summer’s day along the Liffey so I’ll throw in a reminder of what the good lady is missing…

Dublin's Liffey in the summer... busy or what?

And then I woke up and realised I still can’t smell a thing… and it’s only hearsay that the Liffey stinks to high heaven in summer… how could it? Then surely the good Guinness will stink as well? No… I’m not going to show you a pic of a frothy pint of the dark stuff… that would just lead your nose to believe I have a problem with alcohol… rather, as Ailsa has noted her desire for me to do a braai in her honour… I’ll show the good lady what I have planned for this afternoon. Or shall I?

Ailsa shows us a face of a deer. That made me wonder if our own Phoenix Park meat give off similar aromas or do they smell of lavender and daisies? Who knows? As I mentioned before… then I woke up and realised that not only could I still not smell at thing but that my coffee was also cold…

Phoenix Park, Dublin Ireland deer...

Enjoy your weekend… wherever your nose leads you…

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4 Responses to Fragrant? – Ailsa’s WTT

  1. Sallyann says:

    No sense of smell?!
    Please tell me your taste buds have learned to compensate. 🙂


  2. says:

    YAY barbecue!!


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