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This week Cheri has caused a moment or two’s hesitation. The unexpected? How often do we really experience the unexpected? Are we ready for the unexpected? Say a little light orb lands in your back garden and out steps a short, stout two-headed thing of beauty… one head that of a ravishing redhead… the other a charming dark prince. How unexpected… almost as unexpected as that lotto windfall… almost.

Where would you place your bets? Well, let’s put it this way… I know someone who knows a lotto millionaire… and to beat that, I actually also know a lotto millionaire. Yep, that good lady has cut my hair before. So… then it goes without saying that indeed the unexpected can become a reality. OK… where am I going with this line of thought? A few places really. While I was searching for a photo or two for this post I again passed an image I’d used before. I went by… my search ongoing. However, I was drawn back to the image. Why? There’s an element of magic to be seen here.

I’m reminded of the time I featured the image. I told of our delight at the totally unexpected discovery of the magic treats. Now, don’t get me wrong… the treats I’m speaking of is the discovery that these beauties actually exist, not only in the imagination but as with a lotto win, in reality as well. Then there was the unexpected pleasure in reading some of the comments. Seems the little darlings do have an unexpected magic effect on others as well… not only on the fairies who live in their world… but on the trolls that live in ours as well…

The unexpected joy of finding these little beauts!!

OK… today’s waffle has led to the flowing of the creative juices. Yep, imagine… I know a lotto winner, I have discovered the magic mushrooms for real… now, would this coming week not throw up something totally unexpected? Like a book deal? Or maybe even a lotto win of substance for yours truly… why not? In life we need to expect the unexpected!

PS – No, I’m not cheating… this is a different photo…

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7 Responses to Unexpected – WPhotoC

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  6. acuriousgal says:

    I just love these mushrooms


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