The Hills Are Alive…

Yes, they are indeed… but not really with the sound of music. Here in Ireland the hills are alive with the sound nothing. Well, the sound seems to be muted so all I have to do is watch a blank screen. The TV in the hills? Yep, something that’s rife here… folk going for drives… seemingly not to enjoy the views or the fresh country air but to throw away their unwanted rubbish.

The hills are alive ... boring TV!

We were out Wicklow way, running a quick chore, when we decided we’d return via the less crowded way. After all, who wants to do the motorway when the countryside is at hand? Only problem, somehow I’d left home without my camera… yes, believe it or not, so the only option I had was to use the dreaded phone… drat. Sorry but I just couldn’t resist a photo or two of the TV perched on the rock…

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5 Responses to The Hills Are Alive…

  1. Sallyann says:

    Such a shame, we live in a disposable society, not a good fact, but a fact none the less, but by hitting the pockets of the disposers the powers that be seem to have created a new problem.
    Surely on balance it would be cheaper to simply collect the disposed of ?
    As for the environment, have we not dug enough holes in our planet in our time? Could we not just fill those holes back up and leave the untouched countryside alone as it should be… Untouched?


  2. joanfrankham says:

    Hope you recorded the rugby, to be viewed, and agonised over, at leisure!


    • aj vosse says:

      No… I hardly ever even watch the Boks so watching the All Blacks against Ireland is not really what I call entertainment.
      To be honest… I think it a bit rich that the New Zealand can claim all this glory when quite a number of their team is made up of ‘blow ins…’
      Some may say it’s sour grapes… I just can’t understand the logic…


  3. V says:

    You can come across such random things up the mountains! I’ve never seen a TV though. 😮


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