SKY – Ailsa’s WTT

I’ve been itching for an excuse to show you a few more of my 5th of October Irish Parachute Club photos. Now, thanks to this week’s challenge, I have the perfect opportunity to show you a bit of blue Irish sky. Yes, a bit. Here in Ireland you may be lucky to see blue so when the opportunity arises to be outside and have blue sky one must grab said opportunity!

Luke Skywalker or Luke Wing-walker? Who knows??

I’ll begin with a few fellows doing strange things. Is that Luke Skywalker I see? Or is it Luke Wing-walker? The thing is… there’s not much blue to be seen so I’ll find you one with more blue…

Tandem blue...

That’s sky… blue sky. Blue sky is a topic often spoken about here. People are happy when they see blue, even if the temperature is below zero. You’ll often hear folk say something along the lines of…

I don’t mind the cold… as long as it’s dry.

Therefore, blue equates to dry, dry equates to happiness… happiness equates to smiling faces… even if they’re frostbitten pinky faces. I’m sure you’ll understand our preoccupation with blue sky.

Red against blue sky...

But, back the Irish Parachute Club and it’s activities. I never knew it was the only parachute club in Ireland that offers year round jumping… obviously totally dependent on the state of the sky. Yes, there we go again. OK… enough about the weather… I’ll leave you with another fun-filled photo. There’s another story on the make here. The white shute in the top right hand corner was used on the day by a young lady who we chatted with between jumps. or this young lady the sky may well be the limit but I’ll leave that tale for another day…

Photo fun... plane and shutes against the sky...

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9 Responses to SKY – Ailsa’s WTT

  1. Fantastic. The first one looks kind of surreal, ie, the humans could be wearing black business suits on their way to work.


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  4. livvy30 says:

    Lovely photos. I really like the last one.


  5. What a GREAT choice for this theme! Well done.


  6. Veda says:

    Awesome pictures. I live not too far for a parachute club and get to watch them from my home sailing down from the sky. It is certainly on my to do list.


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