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 I often see the weekly challenges coming is… the titles, and then starts a personal mental game. Here in Europe, they arrive in the inbox by mid afternoon… so, without digging a dark hole for myself as I’m usually at work, I don’t dare click into the post to read. That leaves me with a few moments of reflection and an afternoon of wondering. What could be the association with the title?

Then the game gets into full swing… I think of possible photos or scenes that could fit. Second guessing is fun because it allows me the pleasure of imagination. What shall I say or post? Will there be an element of fun? Will I take fresh photos or will I dig deep or shallow in the monthly folders? Remember, these are all fleeting thoughts as I’m still at work. Let’s just say the alter-ego is allowed 5% intrusion space…

OK… all this challenge has asked of us is an illumination. Light, photo… that’s the first reminder Ben suggests. Truth. That’s another angle. Truth is light. Correct? Yes.

OK, I say again. I was going to take bright and cheery late autumn illuminations. I was going to put together one of the beloved galleries… until I downloaded the photo’s I took while out on Thursday night. There’s a certain truth to this photo. That horrid building that I’m trying to capture in the background is named Liberty Hall. Many in Dublin and for that matter, Ireland, have asked for the place to be imploded. Why? It’s the home of the labour movements here in the Republic.

What’s wrong with that? Can’t we all be allowed our freedom of expression? Yes we can. However, when the lot that frequent that place begin their ideological clap trap and mind bending then it’s always well to have a little illumination. Fat cats… sucking the blood out of the economy with their constant treats in the name of the supposed underprivileged worker.

Blow up what it represents!!

OK… I’ll shut up… no, why should I? The latest carry-on here in Ireland is the threat of industrial action by the leading state semi-owned energy provider. Let there be darkness, mostly during the cold of winter and the Christmas period. How entertaining? Hold the greater Dublin (and Irish) population hostage because the union fat cats are afraid they’ll miss out on their gilt-lined nest eggs? Have they again forgotten the pain of the private sector?

I’m sorry… the place needs illumination… OK, not the place… it needs implosion. The folk who work there need to see the light. Your belief in dead communist or socialist norms doesn’t belong… anywhere! Don’t threaten us with your darkness…


I will say a few extra words. I HATE the concept of collective labour bargaining. Why? Because most, I reiterate, most are based on communist or socialist principles. In my eyes there can be nothing as abhorrent as the oppression and slaughter this system has inflicted on human kind. Nothing! No, not even national socialism. Read history and you’ll see where I’m coming from.

That’s why, when I saw the image of that despicable man-made tower of corruption so well captured behind metaphorical physical barriers I couldn’t resist taking the photo… let there be illumination… of the mind, of the soul!

I’ll conclude… this is a time I’ll march on a building, peacefully… sorry, I’ve just admitted to wanting to do what those scrotes do so easily!!

Churchill said… two fingers up to all those who want to hold us hostage… not only do I agree… I admit to coining the phrase…

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7 Responses to Light! WPhotoC

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  3. V says:

    What an excellent rant. I couldn’t agree more with you, and that’s coming from someone who works for a semi-state herself.


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