Light, Sea And Sky!

After yesterday’s rant I’ll get a little mellower for the beginning of the week. I’ve wanted to use this photo ever since I uploaded it in mid October. For some or other reason I never did the “Sea” weekly photo challenge so why not throw it in now? I was reminded of the post while visiting Connie’s blog.

Not only was I reminded of the sea but also of the two posts that have just gone by. This photo rather shouts sky and light as well… so, why not have a combo of all three? This photo could also fit the bill for quite a few other challenges of the past… you can name them as you think of them… stone, playtime… fun, happy… whatever! Anyway, hurt doesn’t come to mind as those two are as surefooted as mountain goats!!

Fun against the backdrop of the Irish Sea...

Do have fun… enjoy the week and lets hope it’s less stressful than last week!

PS – That’s the Irish Sea… yep… I kid you not… as seen from Arklow Town…

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4 Responses to Light, Sea And Sky!

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  3. So glad my post reminded you to share your amazing photo! The light, colors and emotion you captured are quite lovely!!


  4. joanfrankham says:

    gorgeous photo, amazing sunset.


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