1000 UP… and Counting!!

Thank you!! All who have followed OMBH… this is just to let you gracious folk know that this is the 1000th post. There have been a few days when double posts have gone out so I can’t yet claim 1000 days of consecutive posts. That will happen sometime next week but for me this is a rather special day. Think of it this way, how on earth did I ever envisage to get to this milestone when I posted that first tentative and rather uncertain bit of writing on 16 March 2011?

Much has happened in our lives… much has changed and yet much more has stayed the same. Ireland is slowly, very slowly creeping inch by millimeter out of the dark days of recession… where this blog was born. In those dark days… those days of the insecurity of unemployment. There have been gut wrenching days along the way but mostly there has been joy, contentment and happiness.

The reason? Writing has added a dimension to my life that’s absolutely allowed me to reach that contentment. Creative expression, together with Faith and family, have made me a stronger person. Yes, I still dream of the book deal but know what? I don’t mind what happens… just as long as there may be a little place in the sun on retirement, if it ever comes. Do I keep going? Yes, thanks to you all I will…

The 1000 up kid!! WWW aka the real AJ... happy birthday lad!!

Look what serendipity dished up as a surprise for this special day. Today the celebrations are compounded… it’s this little master’s birthday. GSA aka the WWW or even the real AJ… yes, how could Miss Serendip have known when the blog began that the 1K mark will fall on the WWW’s birthday?

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22 Responses to 1000 UP… and Counting!!

  1. Congratulations to you, AJ, and a Happy Birthday to the handsome lad!


  2. Diane C says:

    Congratulations. I haven’t been writing or commenting much lately, but I always enjoy your blog, AJ!


    • aj vosse says:

      AAAAHH!!! Good to hear from you!! I’ve been seeing the white boat and wondering. It is high time I call by your spot to see how things are going!! 😉


  3. livvy30 says:



  4. Rotten Ray says:

    A man of many words …


  5. 1000!! right on Vossie. Congrats on that milestone. and the WWW sure is a cutey! 🙂


  6. de Wets Wild says:

    Congratulations on the major milestone AJ Vosse, and may OMBH go from strength to strength!


  7. CONGRATULATIONS ! His picture is SO SWEET ( Don’t tell him I said that!!) Creative expression is a right and so delightful!


  8. Map of Time says:



  9. Happy birthday to your sweet little son and your 1000th post. What a great achievement! 🙂


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