Friendship Friday

This week I return to South Africa. OMBH have very few South African followers. I don’t know why but I do know the few that I have are special folk. If I say one such person is a true inspiration… he’s a person I really look forward to meeting one day. Realistic? Yes, because he occasionally comes in this direction.

Why would I like to meet him? Well, there’s quite a few reasons. For one, he occasionally takes a stroll in foreign lands so, why not walk a section of the Royal Canal with this friend? He likes a braai… good food and even a splosh or two of a good red. You see a pattern taking shape? Maybe. Yes… we have a few things in common.

Mostly though, I’d like to meet up with the Rider because he is a man of integrity. A man of Faith who is not too uppity to ask questions we normal mortals ask of ourselves. Rider is a Minister by profession but if you ask me he’s more of a mentor than minister. He’s more of an example of what the Good Book says than a preacher of the ideas. He lives through his faith for his people.

Having said all of the above you’d be likely to jump to the conclusion the we have a devout, pious, better-than-thou type of man who never cracks a smile. Now, that would be exactly the opposite of the man I’ve grown to know through his blogs. The man I’ve come to appreciate is a fun-loving person who is as much in love with his God as his family and those around him. He is also far from stiff upper lip, he quite often has a go at himself in a light-hearted and humorous way.

There is much more I can say… about his love for his country and the hurt he sees there far too often. Flick through and you’ll find his accounts of pain and death. He draws me right back to SA when I read some of his accounts of the good, bad and utterly shameful. Then, on other days he tells of motorbikes, braais and family. Positive usually far outshines the turmoil of life in SA. I often live his tales with him. He draws me back, as I’ve said earlier.

Most of all, I hope, we as a family, can host his family when they’re next in Ireland. I hope they’ll enjoy a braai, Irish style, but then before we say our goodbyes he will ask a blessing on our household. That will really add real meaning to a cyber friendship that’s spilled over into the real world, wouldn’t you agree?

What do I leave as an image? Well, I went off the Rider’s site to look. I was going to place a photo or two, maybe one from Rider’s Camino walk in Spain but as if he’s a mind reader, the first photo I spotted was the one below… yes, it makes me want to scream with mirth! The man has a way with words… and photos!


On that note… not only am I jealous because Rider and family are at the beach on holiday but I’m also in the mood for a wee holiday myself. I guess the wee holiday will have to be the weekend so whatever you’re doing, do enjoy and don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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1 Response to Friendship Friday

  1. Madelaine says:

    A truly unique sand masterpiece! 🙂


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