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Cheri’s challenge this week allows the mind to roam. The good lady says we don’t have to associate community with people and I’m in total agreement. When I spotted this scene yesterday afternoon I was reminded of the concept of community. Look closely and you’ll see at least 3 different communities co-inhabiting peacefully. The swans steal the show but there are gulls and other little brown jobs in the background. I was fortunate to be able to sit among the swans and snap away… rather special.

Swans, gulls and other feathered friends on the beach in Bray Harbour... a fine community of friends...

Swans, gulls and other feathered friends on the beach in Bray Harbour… a fine community of friends…

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5 Responses to Community… WPhotoC

  1. says:

    Great photograph AJ !!!!


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  4. Zen says:

    \One group can fly, the other can’t. However, they share the same family.. of birds. 🙂


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