Shine Down…

I’ve often wanted to jump on the Dart and take a ride to Bray. Last Saturday offered up an opportunity when we decided to take Junior Son to the Aviva for his first day of work at the stadium. He would be well looked after once he was there as Senior Son was already at the stadium.

The weather was less than ideal but that didn’t matter too much as I’d hoped the stormy condition may add to the chances of good atmospheric shots. I wasn’t too disappointed as not long before sunset the clouds parted to allow the sun’s rays to add colour.

Bray light... against the splendour of the wintery sunset...

One of the images that stood out was the promenade lights against the coloured in sky… the two types of lights offsetting against each other. I think you’ll agree when I say there’s s certain surreal element of the effect. Man made light against the natural backdrop… for me, there’s an element of peaceful playfulness to be experienced.

Bray light... against the splendour of the wintery sunset...

Colours slightly enhanced for effect…

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  1. says:

    Thats a super photo AJ! Enhancement is the norm I think. Love it!


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