Winter – Ailsa’s WTT

Well, here in Ailsa’s home town we’ve been living with the benefits of the supposed global warming syndrome for a few December weeks… yep, 13 or 14 degrees C in the middle of December is unheard of, is it not? Alas… that all changed a few days ago.

Raw… that’s what it’s turned! Raw, messy raw… wind… storm… cold, wet… a dusting of snow. Frost… did I mention cold and ice? Messy. Coco-co-cabana Kildare has hit the weather wall… the walls… cold front after Atlantic storm after cold front… all from the north, the cold fronts… the Arctic north, that is.

OK… enough about me… now it’s back to the challenge. Ailsa shows us a chestnut… hot, cold… who cares? I’ll confess, I’ve never tasted a roasted chestnut but then, I’m from the southern hemisphere where we eat cape crayfish or kudu steaks at this time of the year, so… just to show I’m not totally ignorant… here’s a pic from last week’s Bray walk. Yep, yep… and more yep. This lad was “toasting, roasting… braaiing” them nuts in the storm… but give him his due… he was multi-tasking… selling trees while shivering… all for what?

Chestnuts and Christmas trees... only in winter!!

OK… enough about enough… here’s something that really gets the winter frosties frosting. This beauty is from the GLW’s creative folders. Yep… no need for touch-up’s or artificial colour… just a plain, simple interpretation. Winter.

Fruit Bat's perfect winter pic... frost on glass

My only concern with this dirty weather? I still have to do the Christmas roasts out on the braai… snow, cold… settled… that’s all fine. But… when the rain runs horizontal I’m going to wish winter was a distant memory.

God bless, you all have fun! Most of all though, don’t do what I wouldn’t!!!

PS – Winter is a figment, cold an illusion… that’s if you don’t have to sleep rough or go without! Let’s help the folk who really need help. Please think of those less fortunate than us. No, this is not an afterthought… this is reality! Dublin streets in the winter… would you like to live that life?

Winter streets, Dublin 2013 christmas

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8 Responses to Winter – Ailsa’s WTT

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  2. No, i would not like to live like that! nd yes, you do give me pause for thought.


    • aj vosse says:

      Maybe we should make that our drive for the new year… help end homelessness in our immediate environments… I dream, but it’s a good, positive dream!!


  3. Welcome to our lovely hemisphere. 🙂 and Merry Christmas!


    • aj vosse says:

      Aha!! Been here for 13 winters already… arrived at Dublin International in the sleet so we’re getting used to it… slowly but surely… 😉


  4. says:

    AJ- a great post on all counts with empathy and compassion ! Merry Christmas as we say !


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