Birds – Ailsa’s WTT

This week I’m so mixed up with my times and switched off to reality that I missed Ailsa’s challenge by a day. Oh well, nothing doing but catching up. I can’t let this one go by as just last Monday I was blessed by catching a seagull at its take off manoeuvre. I enjoy walking directly at these rather confident city dwellers as there’s always the chance of getting a good photo off their lift off…

Cheeky Dublin gull...

I can’t only give you one Dublin bird… a few weeks’ back I visited Bray so here’s a few more for you. Strictly speaking Bray is no longer in Dublin but would the birds actually know that?

Bray birds... spot the landing blur...

Earlier this year I captured a heron taking off along the Royal Canal… in Meath, mind you. Again I don’t think the heron has the foggiest idea he’s no longer in Dublin… well, maybe he does know and has escaped the city life for a quieter country existence.

Royal Canal heron, summer 2013

OK… while I was searching for the heron photos I passed by quite a few other bird photos taken during the year… so, why not a wee gallery? I’m sure you won’t mind…

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11 Responses to Birds – Ailsa’s WTT

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  2. joanfrankham says:

    you certainly have some nice looking birds, of the feathered type, of course!!


  3. Red Hen says:

    What lens did you use for these? I`ve no bird pics either but love watching them. Especially like the blue tit on the pine tree, so cute. Oh, and the swallow on the wing.


    • aj vosse says:

      I’d say most were taken with the 300 mm macro lens. The lens has it’s limitations so most often I don’t push it to the max. Part of the fun… 😉


  4. says:

    I have less than .o1% bird photos…Hmmmmm


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