The Year That Was 2013

My final post of 2012 mentions my gratitude to the Living God for being able to see each and every day of that year so I’ll begin this post in the same fashion. Thank you God for another year of blessings on this little blue dot in the universe!

Regular followers here will know Faith plays a strong part in our lives but will also know I don’t attempt to use this blog as a pontification tool, however, there are the odd occasions when one has to express gratitude.

OK… on to other matters. I will again thank all of you for your support… I will again invite you to return a few more times… I will again suggest that there will be more of the same, if I’m not already boring the daylights out of you then maybe more of the same isn’t so bad. I have so many ideas floating around in my head… mostly bits of fiction that must be completed or born. Those who can remember the beginning of this year when Zach was born… there are quite a few unfinished strings still to be pulled on so let’s hope I can find the time and the inclination to get to all these tales.

Enough said… let me give you a gallery of memories from 2013. I’ll place 3 photos per month… not an easy task but that should be enough of a reminder of my mischief and the things that get me going…

Do click into the top left photo and then navigate your way through for the captions…

PS – I lied… February has 4 photos… I just had to include my most favorite photo of all time last… as the cherry on the bottom…

PSS – There is a marked turning point after May’s end… jobs changed and the camera couldn’t walk with me on every walk. However, this allowed a return to what a certain Mr JT referred to as the drops on the blossoms… the better bits of reality… nature at its simplest, best!

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1 Response to The Year That Was 2013

  1. Red Hen says:

    Fantastic gallery! I particularly love the Bray shot, but also the night shot of the Liffey banks with the Convention centre and Beckett Bridge. Marvellous! Reminds me why I love this country-most of the time!


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