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The choices are endless… the possibilities boundless. All we need to do is put our minds to it and it can be done… yes, man has gone to the moon… climbed Everest, walked across continents and to the poles. For me though, the options are less grandiose. No moon or Everest. Ailsa none-the-less gets the mind working overtime. We don’t always have to physically be there. The mental possibilities are often as rewarding. Ailsa mentions her love for maps. I too have a love for the real thing although G-Maps or G-Earth do just fine when the real thing is not about.

The Dodder Bouy in Dublin, at the East End Lifting Bridge, the first bridge on the Liffey

This simple structure evokes ideas of travel and romance. How many of those places have you seen? I can tick Ringsend and Cape Town off but others still beckon. Then, in art and the imagination we can often find the possibilities we are denied in the everyday life. This sphere on the grounds of Trinity College has a mesmerising effect. It really gets the mental mechanics working.

The Sphere in the grounds of Trinity College, Dublin Ireland... the possibilities are endless.

Then, there are possibilities right on our doorstep. Walk a new route or revisit and old favourite. For me, the Royal Canal is calling. I could not continue my walk last year so it’s definitely on the agenda for this year. Which brings me to a possibility I have to achieve, the sooner the better. My luck just has it that I can make something happen that will be the envy of many of Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Challenge participants. Yes, I may soon have the distinct privileged of meeting the good lady!

Brendan Behan takes a rest along the Royal Canal, Dublin, Ireland

Where may that meeting take place? I don’t have the foggiest idea at this point in time but we’ve booth written about the Royal Canal so, maybe we could even meet along its banks for the first time… or the Grand Canal’s banks…

Patrick Kavanagh contemplates life along the Grand Canal, Dublin, Ireland

or along the Liffey… well, anywhere in Leinster really… the possibilities are endless! Maybe even somewhere in Phoenix Park on a sunny day… or, or… or?

The Wellington Memorial Obelisk in Phoenix Park, Dublin Ireland on a sunny summer;s day...

Wherever our meeting may happen, you’ll soon know all the details… that’s a promise!

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11 Responses to Possibility – Ailsa’s WTT

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  3. Great pics for the challenge. I saw a very similar sphere in the grounds of the Vatican. I think there are a few around the world.


    • aj vosse says:

      There are indeed a few… I think one in Tokyo as well but I’m sure all the spheres are done by the same artist. They are great, no matter how many there are… 😉


  4. V says:

    Wonderful shots. It’s such a pleasure to see photos of Dublin on my blog feed, always unexpected but always lovely!


    • aj vosse says:

      Dublin has so much to offer… you just have to look past the mundane… I love the canals… anything boaty… anything flowery… there’s much! I hope one day, to have a comprehensive alternative Dublin landscape for all to see… a long task it will be but still a worthwhile exercise… mind you… now you’ve given me an idea… to have a page for all Dublin photos… 😉


      • V says:

        That’s a great idea! I know for me I take the sights I see every day for granted. Sometimes though, when I’m not thinking about anything in particular or rushing to work I find myself stopping “to smell the roses” so to speak, and I cherish those moments when I see what was once mundane with new eyes. Your photos certainly help to bring that experience home for me too.


        • aj vosse says:

          Thanks… a most gratifying reply! Yes, it may well be a worthwhile endeavour. Maybe a few pages, me thinks… as inspired by “V”… Bridges, Buildings, Parks, Statues… there’s 4 themes already! Hard work ahead… all your fault!!

          Anyway, I have another sneaky idea up my sleeve as well… how about a page called Irish Lasses? Yep, all my Irish lady blog buddies!! 😉


          • V says:

            Feel free to blame and curse me as you construct this wonderfully special Dublin page, I promise I won’t mind, I’ll be reaping the rewards of it. 😉

            Irish Lasses! What odds will you give me on that one being used as a dating site by rich American gentlemen looking to bag a legitimate Irish cailin? 😀 😀


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