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Yesterday, while finishing off Ailsa’s challenge, I mentioned that I’d had an idea for today’s post. I have a selection of photos of the family having a sup or two from a large silver trophy. The trophy was the spoils of victory for Senior Son’s cricket team. As is the tradition… we all had to share in the celebratory supping. Fun.

However… not too long ago we all went off to share in a birthday celebration. The image of friends, family and soon to be family add meaning to the words of Josh R… words taken form this week’s challenge…

What is family? For some, family is defined by genetics. For others, it is simply those with whom you share a bond of love. 

A table full of fun? Yes… pleasure shared by happy folk spanning quite a few generations… all in the name of family.

A table full of family fun!!

OK… back to the supping… I think a wee gallery of the action is called for. I’ll have to add for the record first… the GLW doesn’t see any merit in drinking anything other than one Bailey’s at Christmas… so, for her to get into the spirit of the communal cup totally added to the fun. At one point I was concentrating more on the son’s attempts at taking pictures of their mammy than on what the good lady was getting up to!! More fun in the name of family!

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5 Responses to Family – WPhotoC

  1. cyardin says:

    Too funny! Great post.. sup away!


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  3. KerryCan says:

    Hmmmm . . . I remember taking part in a similar celebration in a Dublin pub, many years ago when there for our honeymoon. Thanks for the memories!


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  5. says:

    Love you duel post! Great family shots AJ!


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