Wood – Ailsa’s WTT

The medium I’d most like to work with if I ever have an opportunity to build/ construct/ erect/ sculpt my own house. WOOD!! Large and small lumps of carbon… in the most ethereal, magical and practical shapes to be found. Green too… yes, for every layer of timber put down much CO2 has been turned into beauty and a bit of O2. How’s that for a win-win situation?

OK… back to the reasons why I want to build a dwelling using the strength and beauty of wood as the structural core of the building. Imagine reusing large timbers to frame the shape. Then, I’d use thatch/ straw/ grass/ hay for roofing, insulation, walling. Remember, in a “A-Frame” construction there’ll be little need for walls… oh, oooh… I dream! Never mind… Ailsa’s really got me enthused and as it’s time to show you the marvels of the real stuff I’d better get going. So, just how do I share my love for the beauty of wood?

The large vat in the Guinness Storehouse... true words...

Could I say it any better? These few photo’s were taken at the Guinness Storehouse last weekend… party time it was but not before strolling by some of the really classy pieces on show…

Look at the size of that!

Yes… I did say pieces. Artworks all around… built to perfection and adorned with taste.

Works of art they are! exhibits at the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, Ireland

Part of the magic of wood is how man has managed to use its qualities to build objects of real value. This harp has its own story… sorry, I’ll have to go back to find out… or leave it up to you to do research. It’s old… that I can promise you.

Ireland's Harp? Maybe...

I could carry on but why? Let’s say we’ll revisit wood on another day… why not, it has to be one of the most tangibility beautiful sources of natural delight found in our universe… no wonder, as I’m prone to say… trees are God’s fingerprints…

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4 Responses to Wood – Ailsa’s WTT

  1. cocoaupnorth says:

    Fascinating wood pieces and stunning shots.


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  3. joanfrankham says:

    wonderful photos, Did you have a go on the harp?


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