Double Dose – Friendship Friday Ditty Day…

This week I’m featuring … Olivia. I have to be thinking Livvy has been my longest standing Irish Lass blog buddy. Livvy’s has been a constant source of fun and frolics. I’ve learned much about Cork, her city of residence and New Zeeland from following her posts. As Livvy so eloquently puts it when you visit her new blog… what can you expect?

“All Kinds of Everything!!”

Ok, with no further ado… here’s Livvy’s answers to the three questions…

  • If you won a sizable lotto prize (around €10 M) what would be the first 3 things you do or buy?

First, give 10% away to charity, family and friends and have a massive party. Second, travel for a while. Third, start a business (probably a café that would make no money!)

  • If you never won any money but there was one destination on the planet that you really wanted to see, even if it took 3 years to save for, where would that destination be? (One month’s travel allowed)

Go back to New Zealand, especially the north island.

  • Name a local charity close to your heart and how you think you could assist in some way. (Please feel free to include a link)

It’s not a charity, but I always support the breast clinic in the CUH by giving donations and helping my Mum do daffodil day.

There you have it, Livvy’s short and sweet response. So, as I have no photos of Cork I’ll give you one of this week’s series… Dublin Bay sunrise…

Ship beneath the rising sun... Dublin Bay February sunrise...


Right, time then for this week’s ditty…

The End… of WW Six…

Yes, yes I know… the ditties are getting a tad stale
Yet, we’ve reached the end of WW Six, that’s no tale
Father Time marches on… the clock ticks, without fail
We go about our business, seemingly chasing our tail

Stale or not, it’s the end of month two’s the first week
Carrying on regardless, always the rewards we seek
The weather’s still wintry, the landscape rather bleak
No real signs of bright spring to be seen, as we speak

Do the sums, we’ve completed of this year one-tenth
Life’s been good we say, debating the odds at length
For the second tenth we surly have sufficient strength
Yes we do… we’re all on the same winning wavelength

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1 Response to Double Dose – Friendship Friday Ditty Day…

  1. livvy30 says:

    Aw….thanks for the shout out AJ and for the beautiful photo. Cork could sure do with a few of those sunrises at the moment. I will be back blogging soon with a full explanation for my long absence!


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