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It’s not too frequently possible to tackle a weekly photo challenge in the way I have this week. Cheri asks us to do a selfie. So? You may well ask, what’s the big deal? That should be the easiest challenge on the planet… turn your camera or phone on yourself and push the shutter release. Upload and whoopy voilà… you’ve completed the challenge.

Aha… not so quick! Do click here to see where Cheri is standing… look at her reflection in what may be a familiar art piece. Yes, it’s to be found at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Yes, that sphere has featured on this site before and yes, I took the challenge literally… I braved the storm and went there… to do a copycat!

If the sculptor can call the ball with ball sphere with sphere I can call it me with me in sphere with ball...

I have to say… yesterday being storm Saturday and all, the sphere wasn’t revolving. That meant I didn’t quite get to do the copycat as I wanted… this double take, however, is rather fun!

The caption? If the sculptor can name the object appearing to be ball with ball “sphere with sphere” I can call it me with me in sphere with ball… now, how’s that for a copycat copycat selfie??

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21 Responses to Selfie – WPhotoC…

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  2. K.Z. says:

    fantastic response. love your shot 🙂


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  4. A really fascinating image. Love it! Well done. 🙂


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  7. I like your version of the same object! Adding the second mirror made it more exciting to watch.


  8. colonialist says:

    An alternative caption may be, ‘Insphereation’?


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  10. I like this very much! Does not reveal you much but very creative!


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