Yellow – Ailsa’s WTT

On Saturday I took myself out… to brave the storm, to get pictures for blog posts. As you noticed in yesterday’s post, I was committed to the challenge set by Cheri at WordPress. However, Ailsa also set an interesting challenge for us this week. Yellow… is the colour of my true… blah, blah… blah!

When I spotted this splash of yellow I had my photo for this challenge. Yes, the bits of brightness out on the Howth Head caught my eye and imagination.

The Howth Lighthouse and Wiclow coast in the distance, taken from Howth Head, looking south. Ireland

The photo is taken facing south… the Wicklow coast stretches out into the hazy distance. I have a faint suspicion Ailsa’s Irish home is somewhere in that hazy distance… so, maybe if we could enlarge the photo sufficiently we could actually see Ailsa standing on her balcony looking out at the stormy Irish Sea.

As mentioned… I was only going to post this picture… that was until I spotted something really special but please be patient as now I have an excuse to post at least 4 photos. The next one is of a warning sign to be found out on the Howth Head walk… pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think?

Signs and wonders?

However, before I made my way to Howth I braced myself for an attempt at visiting Bray again. I wanted to see if there were any photo of crashing waves on harbour walls to be had. I didn’t get far from the station. The wind was howling… the rain lashing… almost horizontally. Then this moment offered itself up… yes, I had myself my own “Rodney” moment!! Picture me trying to shelter beneath my trusty umbrella while at the same time protecting the camera and taking a photo of this “Fools and Horses” chariot.

My own Fools and Horses moment!

The wind won the battle, I’m afraid! The umbrella… the very trusty friend that’s walked all over Leinster with me… yes, it’s now wrecked!. There I was… fortunately in a deserted road, fighting the wind… fighting to get the camera sheltered and fighting to control an umbrella that had just done its own version of spontaneous self destruct. Needless to say… I made haste to the shelter of the station… still carrying the wrecked umbrella. Yes, it came home with me… I will repair the thing!! It will live to tell another tale or seven… it will!

OK… from a one photo post with few words this has now got out of hand. Somewhere in the distant past I mentioned something about seeing something special… yes, that I did… my first daffodil of the spring!

The first daffs of 2014!! Whoopy... spring can't be too far away!!

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1 Response to Yellow – Ailsa’s WTT

  1. Sallyann says:

    The top picture caught my thoughts at the moment. I have bright green socks on, but I’m struggling to find my hint of yellow.


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