Romance? – Ailsa’s WTT

Two days of the soppy stuff in a row… yes, two! OK… just before the lynch mob rounds up a cyber posse to hunt me down and string me up, I’ll do a retreat to normality. So, you may ask why two days? Because this week Ailsa has for some or other strange reason decided to post a challenging challenge. Romance! I ask you… with tears in my navy green eyes… where did she come by the idea?

I was going to give this challenge a miss, until I stumbled upon this pic. You’ve got to ask yourself… when do the children of human kind begin the practice of love gaming? Just what causes the spark? I don’t know… not lived long enough to find the  illusive answers to those mysteries…

The birth of foot fetish? Who knows how these fascinations begin... romance? Maybe in it's infancy!!

The birth of foot fetish? Who knows how these fascinations begin… romance? Maybe in its infancy!!


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4 Responses to Romance? – Ailsa’s WTT

  1. kerlund74 says:

    Awsome capture!


  2. Cute picture. I love little kids hands and feet.


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